LOSS OF LIBIDO

Libido means sexual desire. Loss of libido can occur in both sexes. There are many factors in the loss of libido. Loss of libido may be a temporary phenomenon, or it can last for a long time. And if it last long the underlying cause should be looked for, and it needs treatment.

In man the causes can be.

X   Psychological

X   Medical

X   Physical

X   Stress in job in family life

X   Depression

X   Anxiety

X   Alcohol

X   Drugs

X   Smoking

X   Obesity

X   Erectile dysfunction

X   Diabetes

X   Hypothyroidism

In women the causes may be

X   Childhood  abuse

X   Anxiety

X   Depression

X   Obesity

X   Diabetes mellitus

X   Hypothyroidism

X   Pregnancy

X   Alcohol

X   Contraceptive pills


Finding out the underlying causes and treat is the policy.

If it is due to hypothyroidism, diabetes mellitus, etc. first level of treatment should be to correct this disorder.

And regular exercise in case of obesity

Along with this yoga and meditation if stress, depression and other emotional factors suspect to play the role.

Homeopathic treatment

Along with these, homeopathic medicines can be given. Homeopathic medicines are selected according to the mental and physical characteristic of the patients, and all the underlying causes will be included in the selected medicine. So a similar remedy that is most suited for the patient is selected, and the repetition of the medicine and potency depends upon the chronicity of the disease, and also depends on the causative factors behind it.

So homeopathy is a better choice for the patients with loss of libido